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Friday, March 29, 2013

Trip to Leslie Science and Nature Center

We finally got to visit "our" owl. In December we held a "Bake Sale for the Birdies" and raised enough money to sponsor a barn owl for an entire year. Yesterday, we went to check to see how he is doing. We learned that he ended up at the Leslie Science and Nature Center because people thought it would be fun to keep him as a pet - and, as a result, he never learned what to do to survive in the wild. At LSNC, however, the barn owl is doing great - getting excellent treatment and seems to love and trust his handlers.

We learned SO much about owls and other raptors. The students asked really thoughtful questions, and Sarah - our guide for the morning - answered each one. We learned about the many adaptations that owls have, from extra bones in their necks to let them swivel their heads, to their wings which allow them nearly silent flight.

Besides the barn owl, we also met the barred owl and the tiny screech owl. We then toured the facilities outside to see lots of other raptors (all there because they can not survive in the wild due to injuries or other issues). Most beautiful of all, as Pearl eagerly agrees, is the majestic turkey vulture. Maybe next year.

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