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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pebble Meditation

This morning each child got to choose 4 beautiful rocks from the pile I brought in. After carefully selecting the ones they liked best, I played a 10 minute guided pebble meditation. The pebbles help the children imagining being fresh as a flower, solid as a mountain, reflective like water, and free as space. The room is calm, darkened, and delightfully peaceful - all you can hear is the slight clicking of pebbles as they are transfered from hand to hand. And an occasional sniffle.

Later on, we selected our favorite colored felt fabric and thread and made pouches in which to keep our pebbles. I was so impressed with the time and effort - such careful stitches! I am showing you just one special example - this pouch was made by Pearl. Isn't it amazing?

Please remember you will be welcome and honored guests if you want to join us for our meditation. We will do this each morning M-TH.

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