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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Magic? It Happens When We Write

As I do every year, I showed the children my magic rubber bands. They are kept in a special container, so as to not confuse them with the ordinary ones.

Each child got to choose one rubber band. These precious bands will be kept in our desks, and are very helpful when it is time to write. Today, for instance, we worked on our Memory Books. Each month, I take a lot of pictures of us learning things, going on trips, and working together. September's memory pages were printed out yesterday morning, and this was the second morning we've worked on it.

I have to say, the difference between yesterday (with no magic rubber bands) and today (with magic rubber bands) was immense. Today was much quieter, more focused, and productive.

Here, Eleanor demonstrates how a magic rubber band is used. She is whispering the word she wants to write into the band as she slowly stretches it. As the band is stretched, the word is stretched as well. Suddenly, young writers can hear many letter sounds and can then transfer them to paper.

 A writer at work. Our fingers are also amazing tools to keep spaces between our words.

This writer wrote one word on this memory page yesterday. GOD (good). Today, with the help of his magic rubber band he added, I WAS WEDEG TO THE KLAS. See? Magic.

So many wonderful memories to write about and revisit later. These memory books are magic in themselves, and will become a treasured keepsake of first and second grade.

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Sarah Kingham said...

I mentioned this to Mark and he said "Those rubber bands don't work. I tried it with Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious and it didn't help"