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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Classroom Pets

I brought my hermit crabs in this morning - their extended summer vacation was finally at an end. The children are fascinated, and want to learn all about them. So far, I have demonstrated how to hold a hermit crab (to avoid pinching and to keep everyone safe) and we've examined the different parts of the animal. We will continue to learn a lot more about hermit crabs, and will take turns being the caretakers of Hermie and Shy. By the way, these names are new - we decided on them this afternoon. This brought up some interesting conversations about being "fair", the electoral process, majority rules, etc. Quite appropriate at this time of year!


Christine MMing said...

How old are they?

Susan said...

I think this set is going on year two...Let's see if we can be funeral-less this year!