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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Magic of Child Directed Play

For the past several weeks, many children have been very busy at recess-times. We've seen them gather together for secret meetings, sweeping the playground, and running around. Not sure what was up, the adults simply let them have their fun. This morning, however, came the amazing surprise.

A couple children ran to me to ask if they could bring out some chairs from the music room. Within minutes, many chairs were placed around, surrounding a clear section of the playground. They had one cushioned chair.

"Reserved for Mrs. C."

Imagine my surprise!

Then the announcements started. The children had made a play! There was an announcer, a narrator, and lots of actors. The whole thing was developed, written, and endlessly rehearsed - without one adult helper or guide.

They cleverly used what was already there for designing the stage. Pulling down a section of tree leaves made a good curtain.

 Each child was introduced in turn before the action started. Samantha takes a bow as the narrator.

Here, three actors play children busy working at their desks. Their teacher (what a meanie!) puts them in detention, where they fall asleep. Then the action REALLY begins!

Here, the actors take a well-deserved bow to thunderous applause. The whole thing was quite amazing. Joanna, our resident playwright, gives this review: The play had a "fascinating plot line played out with skill and energy by the young stars". Bravo, everyone!

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Karen Godwin said...

Love this! What a special week this has been. French plays, spontaneous plays, greek songs(!), graduation, tours of the new building, goodbye hugs. I'm a bit teary-eyed. Hugs to you, Susan. You're an amazing teacher and O. has been one lucky kid having you for 2 years in a row!!