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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Upcoming Special Events

After today, we have 6.5 days of school left - I can't believe the year has gone so quickly. There are a few special events packed into those 6.5 days, so I thought I would list them here:

This Friday, June 1st, we are going to the Henry Ford Museum to tour the Dymaxion House. We have tickets for three additional adults if you are interested. This is a combined 1st/2nd grade trip, and we will be taking 2 buses.

On Monday, June 4th, we will have PAJAMA DAY. We will also see the movie The Secret World of Arrietty (based on The Borrowers) in the morning, complete with popcorn. PJ's are optional, but fun. 

On Tuesday, June 5th, Madame and the children will present a play in french. If you would like to attend, feel free (it will be a squeeze, but we will manage). This will be at 2:30 in the afternoon.

On Wednesday, June 6th, our BIG classroom auction event will happen! Each child will be given "auction bucks" and I will play the auctioneer. I plan on "selling" the items in the classroom that I don't want to store over the summer - things like slightly used notebooks, old markers, bags of crayons,  the paper lanterns, etc. etc. Please send in a GROCERY BAG or similar on this day to help with transportation.

Also on Wednesday is Graduation. This event will be at 2:00p.m. Details to follow from Joanna. Even if your child isn't graduating, it is a sweet event. 

And Thursday, June 7th is our last day of the 2011-2012 school year. This is a HALF-DAY with pick-up at 11:30. There is no aftercare offered.

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