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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Borrowers - Our New Read-Aloud for Tools Month

I had to really research to find a book that had something to do with our current monthly theme of Tools. Luckily, the movie The Secret World of Arrietty was being advertised, and I remembered the classic story of The Borrowers.

We are just beginning our journey into the mysterious world of little beings who live under the floorboards of a big old English house. As most people know, they "borrow" little things from the human "beans" who live in the house - a thimble becomes a wash basin, postage stamps become framed art, etc. I remember loving that part of the book when I first read the story - looking around with fresh eyes wondering, "What would a Borrower do with that?"

So that is the question I posed this afternoon. I had trays prepared with various items - a shell, a muffin tin liner, a small piece of clay, a slide to a microscope, a paper clip, a piece of a drinking straw - you get the idea. Children studied these items and did a sketch of a room or house of the Borrowers, demonstrating a new way to use each of them.

Later, we will write a story from the viewpoint of a Borrower, and several children are inspired to make a Borrower house from boxes. I'm excited to see where this lovely book and the children's imaginations will take us.

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Odie Langley said...

I really enjoyed the movie and it brings back memories of the miniature log cabins I built as a craft hobby. Once I built a cabin & turned it into a church with pews, a podium with a miniature bible on it and an offering place with miniature money which was stiff brown paper punched with a hole puncher. Even had stained glass windows. Had pictures of it in blog some time back . Didn't mean to ramble. Can't wait to see what your children come up with.