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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

An Archeologist's Tools

Gwen, Ben's mom, came to our class this afternoon to talk about her studies in archeology. She told the children that she studied this in college, and went on digs in Spain. The students knew that archeologists tried to "find things" and they did this by digging. They also knew that scientists wanted to find things that were "ancient - bones and stuff", and were guided to realize that the "stuff" they find tells us how people lived and what they did. Gwen said that on the dig she was on, they found lots and lots of bone needles - made of fish bones. This told her that 1) the people who lived in that spot sewed and 2) they probably ate fish. She showed us the tools she used on digs - a trowel, a brush, and tweezers - and demonstrated their proper use.

Each child then got their own set of archeology tools and we went on a dig right in the lunch room! Using their trowels (a plastic spoon), brushes (a toothbrush), and tweezers, partners carefully excavated chicken bones. They identified many of the bones using a chart, and we tried to put the chicken back together. I know the children were thrilled to learn that the tools are theirs to keep, and I'm sure many future digs out on the playground are being planned.

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Odie Langley said...

I sit here and find it hard to find adequate words to express how thrilled I was over this project. It has to be at the top of things your children have been introduced to and may inspire some to actually go on to become famous Archeologists. Great job Susan.