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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Kites for Our Backyards

 When I think about all the wonderful things we can do in our backyards, I think of cloud watching, picnics,  neighborhood baseball games, hammocks and ... kites!

Anne Mondro, from the School of Art and Design at U of M, came today to hold a kite-making workshop. Anne spent three weeks in China learning traditional Chinese kite making, and has since taught college kids how to do so as well. She agreed (thanks to Amy Kulper, Ella's mom) to come and teach our little ones. They turned out so well!

This was such a generous and wonderful thing to do - I'm actually pretty overwhelmed. Thank you, Amy, for arranging this - and thank you to Anne Mondro for volunteering so much time and materials.

Here is a video that tells more about Anne and about the Chinese kites that came to the U-M campus. Please watch and share with your child!

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