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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

September Environmental Super Hero Project

We received a mysterious package in the mail today - a rather small cardboard box that was labeled "live product". Ella figured it was our compost worms, but others thought that the package was way too small for over 1000 worms! At the end of the day, we opened the package to prove Ella right.

The set up of our vermicomposting bin is our environmental project of the month. However, this is just the beginning, we all have a LOT to learn. This is the fanciest and most involved worm bin I've ever had (others were simply a black plastic box). As the months go on, we all will be learning more and more about our worms and the process of recycling nature.

Here are the steps that were followed today:

The coconut fiber bedding is ready

I added just a little fruit for the worms first snack

This is what 1000 worms look like!

We checked them out to make sure they are healthy

We added the worms, and misted them

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