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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Farmers Market

Leo enjoys his crispy apple

And demonstrates the proper way to eat it!

The Farmers Market is one of my favorite spots in Ann Arbor. You can usually find me there on Wednesday mornings during the summer, and on Saturday mornings year-round. I was so happy to hear that most of the children in the class loved the market too, and were quite familiar with it already.

This morning, however, was a bit different than just the usual trip with Mom and Dad. Today we did a scavenger hunt and had to find 16 different answers. Most of the answers were found by careful observation ("How many different colored tomatoes can you find? What is sold here that is non-edible?") and others required an interview with a farmer ("How many bees does it take to make a pound of honey? How many eggs does a hen lay a day?") and still others were unique to the child ("What is something you've never tasted? What is your favorite smell?") Each child was successful and filled out their entire chart. It was a lovely way to really visit the market with all of our observation skills.

Many thanks to Michael (Oliver's dad), Vivian (Samantha's mom), and Christine (Juna's mom) for being our wonderful field trip helpers!

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Angela said...

Yum! Pretty good apple eating for having three front teeth missing! Great field trip! Leo told me that rock is for pinky swearing!