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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Prairie Similes

Recently, we've been practicing using descriptive language. This has included illustrating idioms, and, more recently, writing similes. Similes are not only a wonderful way to use language in a more exciting and descriptive way, but also demonstrates our knowledge and learning about a topic. For instance, the students have just completed writing lovely prairie similes, which is a product of our learning about the prairie ecosystem - the weather, topography, vegetation and animal life.

An added benefit to this particular project is that it gave practice to children using their critical eye. They were instructed to write several similes, and then had to choose one that they thought was most representative of prairie life - as well as reflecting their own "best work".

Here are the examples the children have picked to go in our Prairie Simile book:

The prairie is as flat as a pancake.
The grass sways like a snake.
The prairie snake squeezes as hard as a knot.
The skunk is as stinky as a fart.
The prairie dog's eyes were as big as a black hole.
The butterfly is as colorful as a rainbow.
The jackrabbit's hind legs are as strong as steel.
The prairie chicken is as loud as a band.
The prairie sun is as hot as fire.
The fox's teeth were sharp like grass.
The jackrabbit's ears were as big as frying pan handles.
The butterfly flutters like the wind.
The valleys are deep as a black hole.
The snow on the prairie was as cold as ice water.
The bison is as heavy as all the schools of the world.
The gray fox is as fast as light.
The snake is as wind-y as a river.
The prairie feels as long as ever.

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Odie Langley said...

You are teaching an old guy stuff he had forgotten.