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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Writing Opportunities

We write for many different purposes in the classroom. I may ask the children to make lists of things, or directions to a game. We write stories or dreams, both autobiographical and out of our amazing imaginations.  We maintain our memory books and our journals. So many opportunities!

We also write to correspond with others. As you know, the children have pen pals from California and we are really enjoying the experience. In fact, today I gathered the students and said excitedly, "I have GREAT and WONDERFUL and EXCITING news to share!" (thinking about our upcoming field trip on Friday) and David exclaimed, "Oh! I know what you are going to say! We get to write our pen pal letters today!" I'm thrilled that a writing "assignment" can bring such joy - wonderful!

Another correspondent we have now is darling Emi who is finishing the year in British Columbia. We received an email from Emi yesterday, and I told the kids that they could take turns emailing her back. Oliver wanted a turn today, and typed - all by himself - this piece that nearly had me in tears:

hi this is oliver g.

i was just going to tell you that i know you are very very far away from summers knoll.

and i also had to tell you that we miss you.

and one last thing since you are very very far away i hope you will be back soon.   
Wouldn't you love to receive such a missive?


Odie Langley said...

Oliver did good Susan. This experience should help them be better writers and who knows maybe they will even write books or columns in papers some day.

Joanna said...

David's comment had me misting up too!