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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Field Work in January

There are a lot of educational trips scheduled for this month. Take a look, and mark your calendars!

 This Friday, January 7th, all children K-2 will be traveling to one of my favorite places in town, The Scrap Box. We have a workshop scheduled for 10:00a.m., where we will learn more about recycling and reusing, and then be led in puppet making using recycled scraps. After the workshop, each child will receive a small bag, and we will hunt through the many bins for the perfect materials to make more puppets back at school. Lunch will be a little late this day, as we will probably be back shortly before noon.

 On Tuesday, January 11th, the entire school will head to Ypsilanti to visit Dreamland Puppet Theater. We will need parent drivers for this trip! This will be about an hour long visit, from 10 - 11, back in time for lunch at 11:30.

On Friday, January 21st, the entire school will head to Detroit to visit PuppetART. This will be about a  2.5 hour experience, and will include a performance, a puppet making workshop, and a tour of their museum.  We will need parent drivers for this trip as well! Thanks very much to Dan Pritts who has already volunteered.

On Friday, January 28, all children K-2 will be going to see another wonderful Wild Swan play. This is called A Honey Pot of Pooh Stories. It is from 10 - 11, so we will leave at 9:30 and be back in time for lunch. We don't need any drivers for this trip, but we have a few extra tickets if you want to come along just for fun and to enjoy part of your child's day. 

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Odie Langley said...

You're making me want to be a kid again with all the fun trips and learning experiences. Good job Susan.