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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Environmental Superhero Project for January

As you know, each family in the 1st/2nd grade classroom was asked to save their "junk" mail for one week. Yesterday and today, the mail came piling into our classroom!

We borrowed the postal scale today and took turns stacking a bunch and then weighing it. We added up all the numbers, and rounded it to 40 pounds. 40 pounds of unwanted mail coming in just one week's time! Using our superior math brains, we extrapolated that over a month that would mean 160 pounds, and over a year that would be approximately 1920 pounds. Close to a TON of mail comes into our homes ... and, as Amelia said, that is only for one tiny classroom in one tiny school! The students were amazed, as was I.

Now, what will we do with this information? Well, our Environmental Superheroes will probably have some ideas for you. Stay tuned!

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Odie Langley said...

I had a feeling it would be high but not that high. Good work.