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Sunday, December 26, 2010

January's Theme

In January, we have a very exciting theme to explore – and one that we’ve never done before! Our theme for the beginning of the New Year will be Puppetry and Theater. As I research in order to plan learning activities, I’ve learned that puppets are actually some of the oldest man-made objects in the word! Remains of what were probably puppets have been dated from 4,000 years ago. Historians believe that puppets have been created by nearly all cultures, at nearly all times in history. Ancient Egypt, China and India all have examples of puppetry.
This month, the children and I will examine some of these historical aspects of puppetry. We will also make many different types of puppets – sock puppets, finger puppets, stick puppets, and shadow puppets. Small groups of children will be challenged to write and perform their own sketches. This is a theme that easily encompasses nearly every curricular area – language arts, social studies/history, and science.
For our chapter book read-aloud, I’ve selected The Magician’s Boy, by Susan Cooper. This fantasy is bound to entrance our students as we read about a magician’s young assistant (who is also a puppeteer) and his amazing adventures.
Field trip opportunities may include going to Detroit to see a performance by PuppetART and then traveling to the DIA. Details yet to come – stay tuned!


Odie Langley said...

I am sure it will be an exciting and fun time for them as usual.

Gabrielle said...

I'm really excited about this theme! I just got a large bag of fabric scraps, donated by a lovely local resource, Anne Reinstein of All Sewn Up. Thank you, Anne! I know the kids will find creative uses for them as they make their own puppets. Regarding field trip ideas, have you considered Dreamland Theater? I've never been, but I know they're a small puppet theater right in Ypsi.

Susan said...

I've got an email in to them! I don't know if they do field trip type things, but it is worth a shot. Thanks - great idea! And thank you for the fabric. I'm thinking a field trip to The Scrap Box may be in order too (always looking for an excuse :-))