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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sponsoring a Raptor at Leslie Science Center

This is the perfect month to think of our feathered friends. Leonardo Da Vinci loved birds all his life. He studied them, drew them, and dreamed of flying like one. In honor of Leonardo, our Eco-Heros will be raising money to sponsor a raptor at Leslie Science Center!

This is still in the initial planning stages, but I was thinking that we could make various bird treats and sell them (like a bake sale, but for birds). We could string popped popcorn, cranberries and cereal. Perhaps we could make bird feeders out of pine cones, melted lard and bird seed.

More information coming soon, but a bird treat sale will be held soon - stay tuned for details! Also, if you would like to donate bird seed, lard, cereal, etc. it would be most appreciated! (Please remember to check for nuts in bird seed mixes. Also, as popular as peanut butter is for making bird feeders, we cannot use it at our school. Lard or vegetable shortening will do just fine.) And if you have a collection of pine cones, I would love to have them. Thank you!

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Odie Langley said...

What could be better than watching birds eating from things we've created. Great project.