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Friday, November 5, 2010

Read to Feed - An Update

Today was the big day! Children came into the room in a rush, excited to give me their reading logs and pledge sheets! This afternoon, we shared the book Beatrice's Goat with Elaine's class, and then we all watched a short Heifer DVD called Everyday Heroes. The DVD told about several different families from various places in the world who had their lives changed dramatically by the gift of one or two animals.

Then, we tallied the money. Including the money that I pledged (10 cents per book per child), we raised $500.00. A discussion followed about what we should donate - bees, sheep, goats, and a heifer were read about and thought about. We finally all decided on giving what is called a "Knitting Basket":

A “Knitting Basket” includes two llamas and two sheep—animals famous for their warm, income- producing wool. From shearing to spinning to finally selling woolen goods at market, a “Knitting Basket” can help families earn enough income to weave a new future full of hope and self-sufficiency.

This type of project was important for so many reasons. Not only did we learn about social responsibility and the importance of giving to others, we also got mini lessons in math and geography. And, of course, it gave families the chance to emphasize reading, reading, reading.

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Odie Langley said...

Reaching out to a needy world and learning on many levels. I am so impressed with your class and what your children will accomplish. Great job.