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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Upcoming Project

Joanna and I have collaborated to come up with a great planting project for the kids. It will encompass many curricular areas; math, research skills, language arts, science, art/esthetics, etc. Thanks to Nick (David's dad), we will soon have wonderful raised garden plots. Joanna is planning to send the following letter to our class:

Dear 2/3 Students,

I am assigning your class a special project. I would like you to design a flower garden for the front of the school. Here are the requirements that I would like you to follow.

The bed is 4’ x 6’. A fence may be put around it to protect it from passers-by. You should calculate the perimeter so that we know how much fence we need. The fence posts would need to be placed every 2 feet. Finally, we will probably need a tarp to place over it to protect it in the winter. Please calculate the area we will need to cover.

Ideally, I would like flowers that bloom all season long. In other words, I would like some to be spring bloomers, some summer, and some fall. I love a variety of color! I would also like to learn the botanical names of each of your choices – and remember, they will have to be able to grow in Michigan!

Please submit a plan to me that includes a diagram of the garden with all of the measurements and requirements stated above. You will need math skills plus access to gardening books and the Internet. I’m sure Mrs. Carpenter can help you. Please label the diagram clearly with the colors and botanical names of the plants AND the height they will grow to. We want to make sure that the biggest plants don’t block our view to the little ones!

Thank you,

So, we will have lots to think about and research in the next several weeks!

In the meantime, while we wait to find what our young master gardeners will come up with, I leave you with this poem:

Dig In
by George Shannon

Dig a little.
Dig a lot.
Dig a brand-new garden spot.

Plant a little.
Plant a lot.
Plant the seeds and bulbs you bought.

Wait a little.
Wait a lot.
Wait much longer than you thought.

Pick a little.
Pick a lot.
Share the best bouquet you’ve got!

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