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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Memoir by Melissa

We began Writing Workshop today by reading one of my favorite books, You Have To Write by Janet Wong. The front flap reads, You have to write! It's a class assignment. But you have nothing to write about. All the other kids seem to have something to tell because they start in right away. What can you do? Stop and think. No one else can tell your stories--about your family, your dog or cat. No one else can tell how it was when your library book got soaked in the rain.

Some of the kids are having a dry patch. They feel that they have nothing to write about either. So after we read this book, we brainstormed ways writers can get ideas. Here is the list they came up with:

* think of personal memories
* think of things you've done
* ask your friends to help think of memories you share
* listen to what your friends are writing about
* think about fiction you've read
* remember some dreams or nightmares
* think of great t.v. shows, books, movies or video games

We also talked about all the different TYPES of writing we can do:

* memoirs
* fantasy
* a realistic story
* a fairy tale
* poems
* recipes
* lists

Melissa knew just what she needed to do today - finish her memoir! Here is her finished piece.

The Day I Got My Cat

It was about one year ago ...

My mother found her in a man's wheel well of a man's car. The man asked her if she could help him. She said, "yes", because she was in no hurry. It didn't take her long.

One month later a person or head of high school at Greenhills wanted to adopt her. But then something came up, I don't know what. It just didn't happen. My mom needed to take care of her but after a little while she really wanted to keep her. Then one week later she adopted her. We met her and we liked her too. And that's my story. The end.

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Joanna said...

I love this particularly because it speaks to an authentic engagement with writing on the part of the children. It is not 'What does the teacher want me to write?' but 'What do I have in me that I want to communicate?' This is a big part of helping developing writers as they work on voice and purpose in their work.