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Friday, May 14, 2010

County Farm Playground and Gardens

We had a pretty magical afternoon today. After a week of cold rather rainy weather, we were given a gorgeous sunny day in the mid-60s. We packed a snack and headed to County Farm Park for the last couple hours of the day. As it happened, there were workers there installing some new sculptures at the playground, so we got to watch and cheer as it went up.

This part of the sculpture looked like one bright beautiful butterfly.

Rapt faces waited as the final hardware secured everything.

Then we headed over to the gardens so we could have our afternoon snack among the flowers. Children made up games, climbed trees, and chased each other through the gardens. At one point, Elaine and I looked at each other and remarked that our students are having amazing and magical childhoods.

We also collected scores of caterpillars. Here, Noah is showing me one that he collected. He wanted to make sure to document this for his memory book. I'm sure that all the children will have lots of sweet and wonderful memories from today.

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