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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Memoir by Toussaint

Toussaint has written quite a few short memoirs, and wanted to choose one to publish. After glancing through them all, he decided to continue to work on his memoir about a trip to Boston. After we read the piece together, I asked Toussaint to flesh out some details...turns out, he didn't really remember the trip very well at all! This happens all the time, to all sorts of writers - we start out writing about something and then realize that there just isn't enough to make a good story.

This is the story that Toussaint now thinks deserves publication. After he read it aloud to his classmates, he was complimented on the details he included. Well done, Toussaint!

The Day I Got My Guitar

I went to a store - I don't know what the store was called. I went in. I could not decide which guitar to pick. Then I found it. It was the right guitar.

When I went to my guitar lesson, it was too big for me so my teacher tied it for me - the back, not the front. My teacher's name is Eric. My favorite band is the Rolling Stones. A history band. A cool band. I like them. I am playing Paint It Black on the guitar at my guitar lessons.

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