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Friday, April 30, 2010

Gypsy Moths and Pond Water PH

This afternoon was the start of our classroom science experiment. So far, we have learned the steps of the scientific method and what makes a valid science experiment. We are planning on taking three bean plants and experimenting to find out the effects of acid rain. We have three types of water (our variable) - rain water from our water barrel, distilled water, and "acid rain" water.

We started by finding the PH of both rain water and distilled water by using PH paper. Then, we used eye droppers to carefully add enough white vinegar to the distilled water to make it quite acidic (with a PH of 2).

The kids had so much fun finding the PH of these samples that we packed up some of our equipment to find the PH of the pond water at County Farm Park. On the way, we found so many gypsy moth webs! We are planning to ask Faye ("our" naturalist) about them on our next nature walk.

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Santiago said...

Well, that looks like it was a very interesting experiment! But hey, for doing more than one measurement of pH levels at a time, isn't it better to have a pH tester instead of having to use lots of pH paper?

BTW, you should adjust the images so that the text is right below them; the text looks all squeezed to the left!

Well, thanks for sharing! And also... I hate months! :(

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