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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Memoir by Lea

Lea is one of those natural writers. You know the type - you see them out at recess, armed with a clipboard. She is always writing, always making little books. Lea has worked diligently on this piece, which is actually in three parts.

"Spider legs" are a way to add details to a story when at the revision stage. First we read the story aloud to ourselves or to a friend. Then we think of ways a piece can be improved and/or added to. We can add these important details by using asterisks or spider legs, which are just pieces of writing that are cut and taped where they should be added. Lea did a lot of spider legs on her paper, and each time made her writing just a little bit richer and better. Here is the final result, after weeks of hard work!

The Story of my Dogs

The Day I met Cotton

One day me and my family went to get a dog. So we got in the car and drove and drove. It felt like ten hours! Finally we were there. We were at the shelter! I could get my dog. When I walked into the house I saw two dogs and a cat. And then I saw the dog of my dreams. He was a white, fluffy dog with a white bushy tail. After a couple minutes, my mom and I walked outside by some horses and my mom said, "If we get a dog what would you name it?" "Fluffy or Cutie", I said. Then we went back in.

When we got in, my grandma said, "Where were you?" Then my dad said, "They went to think of names." Then my grandma said, "How about Cotton?" "That is great!" I said. So that's what we named him. We stayed a while longer so I could play with Cotton. Then my mom said, "Time to go, Lea!" So I picked up Cotton and got in the car and drove for a while and then I said, "I'm hungry." and my dad said, "There's a McDonald's coming up". So we went in one by one so Cotton could have some company in the car. Then we ate. After that we got going home. We introduced Cotton to Zora but Zora did not like it. She growled and barked. Then after a month, she died.

About Zora

You see Zora is the opposite of Cotton. She's black, he's white. He's small, she's big. But I still like them. They're fun to have around. She was a show dog and she won first place, second place and third places. She loved to lay down in the sun.

Getting Janie

Then after she died, we go a new dog named Janie.She was only 9 or 8 weeks old so she was small, black and fluffy. Cotton loves her so much. They have so much fun with each other. They play together and the steal toys from each other.

Out of all the dogs I know, I like my dogs the best.

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