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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sharing Owl Love with our K/1 Buddies

Wednesday afternoons continue to be filled with joy as our class combines with Anita's class of kindergartners and 1st graders. Today it was a chance to share a little what we've learned about owls - specifically barn owls - and MOST specifically, Molly and McGee the barn owls (plus their new offspring, including one last egg that is due to hatch at ANY TIME!)

Today we learned about the size and wing span of the barn owl. Then partners worked together to make careful measurements and drew beautiful life size pictures.

On Friday, we will combine forces once again to dissect owl pellets. Hopefully, we will find lots of skulls, bones and fur of different animals. Owls are on top of the food chain for a good reason, and students will find evidence of the different animals lower on the chain. We learned today that voles are by far the most common food of choice.

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Imogen said...

What a beautiful image of collaboration between Amelia and Atty!