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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Memoir by Ian

Ian has worked hard on his memoir, remembering lots of different family stories about when he was a baby. Children LOVE to hear about all the funny things they did and said when they were younger. Even as they get bigger, make sure to keep telling those stories - even teenagers (although they may protest), feel valued and appreciated as these tales get told.

Please enjoy Ian's memories:

When I Was a Baby

I was a baby until 2007 because I started to grow up.

Once my dog bit my bottom. And I ran around in circles. I had a cute little cry. It sounded like, “aaaaaaa I aaaaaaa!”

My first toy was an octopus.

I didn’t like oatmeal. When I got oatmeal I wanted more, but when I got it in my mouth a frown came.

I hate to tell you my dog was barking and I was laughing and laughing and constantly laughing.

I loved to bounce in my exersaucer.

“HHHH- I’m tired of doing this!”

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