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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Our Young Architects

Kjirsten Blander, our resident architectural historian and all-around awesome parent helper, came up with this wonderful challenge for our 2nd and 3rd grade class of young architects:

Robert Metcalf, the architect around the corner, was presented with a problem to solve when the Crane family asked him to design a home for them. There were three teenaged children, a boy and two girls. They had hobbies like hosting parties for their friends, photography, and short-wave radios. There were also two parents--one, an important physicist and professor at the University, the other, a very busy political fundraiser and activist. The family had lived in California and had been in Michigan for a few years, but they liked the open spaces of California houses better than the closed-in rooms of the Michigan houses they knew. The house had to have space for the kids to do their teenager things without disturbing the adults, it had to have space for entertaining important visitors, and it also had to have space for the family to hang out together.

So, each child set to work, designing a house that would solve these issues. You can take a look at all of these wonderful projects by clicking here..

Today, Kjirsten took us to the actual Crane-McDonald house so we could see what Robert Metcalf came up with. Mr. Metcalf was not able to meet us, but we got a wonderful and informative tour from Kjristen. It was a very special treat. The children were amazed to learn that they had solved some of the requirements the same way as the actual architect.

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