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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Memoir by Selden

Our next memoir comes from Selden. Selden wanted to write about something near and dear to his heart - his beloved pet hamsters. I love the part where he says the hamsters were for his mom. Pets and birthdays were high on the list of topics for children to write about, as you will see.

Here is Selden's piece - enjoy!

The day I got my hamsters was when me and my dad (my dad sometimes picks me up) were going home from school, and I brought up the topic of hamsters for mom. So we went to Pet Smart (it was next to Game Stop) to buy the hamsters. We knew we needed supplies for them, so first we picked out a cage and a bag of food before picking out the hamsters. The choice was two small, grayish-blackish female hamsters. We got the attention of an employee, and he let us hold and pet the hamsters before putting them in a box. We put them in the car and headed home. I never could tell them apart, except when one eats a tasty twig, then there's a lump out one side.

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