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Friday, January 29, 2010

Winter Walk with Faye

Although this morning was very brisk, we had a wonderful winter walk with naturalist Faye Stoner. For about 30 minutes, we tramped through the silent woods, and used our "nature eyes" to learn about animal adaptations and survival techniques in winter.

Lovely, lovely time - made even better by hot cups of hot chocolate awaiting us upon our return!

Thanks, Faye - we will see you again in the spring!

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Susan said...

I got a sweet note from Faye, which states:

Your kids were great last week, being such good spirits in our winter nature exploring. Your own attitudes as the adults who are guiding the children through various experiences shows through them, your own spirits of willingness and adventure to do some wandering in the woods on a very cold day! Thanks for offering that positive attitude to the kids!

Regarding our frozen creature, once it thawed out some, it was easy to confirm that it was a flying squirrel!!! I am so very curious just what happened to it - did it actually live at County Farm and got sick or injured, then froze? Did someone capture one that was being pesky by being inside an attic, and the squirrel was released at County Farm? It was somewhat odd to me that it was huddled at the base of a tree, and so close to the parking lot.

Well, something harmed it or stressed it, or it would have climbed up a tree for safety. Sometimes nature mysteries must forever remain a mystery!