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Friday, January 29, 2010

Honoring Different Gifts

Just a quick post to show you two recent gifts I received. Last Friday, we had a lovely morning of free time - children could choose between lots of different projects, including melted crayon drawings, watercolors, Lego, chess, paper crafts (like origami or Heart World) and more. Two children wanted to give me a present of what they had worked on, and I was immediately struck (again) on how wonderfully diverse my students are.

I posted both proudly by the door. The top project is from Stanley, who wrote out the first 100 digits of PI. The bottom project is from Lea, who used watercolors in a totally new way.

Honoring each child's gifts is something S-K does so well. We believe that children should not be molded to be one specific way, and taught in one specific way. Each person brings his/her own viewpoint and strengths, and it is our job to encourage each child be the best they can be, in their own way.

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