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Friday, May 8, 2009

This Week's Blogger - Erin!

Disclaimer from Mrs. Carpenter: Erin's blog is about something that has been worked on at recess times. This is not a S-K "event", although I certainly admire all the creativity and planning that has gone into this. Who knows? It may just happen!

Our class is planning a pirate play. It’s a story of adventure on the high seas. Will they survive? The following is a list of who is who:

Captain Lukas Jonsson
First Mate Beatrix Dergis
Second Mate Lila Smith
Crew 1 Peter McConvillle
Crew 2 Selden Mauk
Crew 3 Parker Griffith
Sea Monster Alec Bayoneto
Cat Erin Murphy
Parro Amelia Marks
Mermaid 1 Emilia Keppo
Mermaid 2 Quinn Murphy
Mermaid 3 Amelia Marks
Kitten 1 Emma Lethbridge
Kitten 2 Emilia Keppo
Kitten 3 Quinn Murphy
Shark Alec Bayoneto
Hunting Dog Leandra Blander
Hunting Wolf Freya Benson
Bad Pirate Justin Tseng

There’s also Stanley Chapel on piano, Lukas Jonsson is scriptwriter, Beatrix Dergis is costume maker, and Mrs. Susan Carpenter is announcer.

Beatrix, Lila, and Lukas are in charge of this play.

Ticket prices and place will be determined later.

We hope to put the play on near the end of the school year.
It’ll be a fun play so we hope you come to it!


sunnie said...

Wow! What a mighty lineup of the actors and actresses. I couldn't wait to watch the play.
Sunnie Lee

Emilie Lin said...

Dear Erin,

Thank you for the "forecast" for the upcoming play. I had no idea something as interesting this is coming up.

Ms. Emilie (Peter's Mom)