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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Recess Fun = Learning

I just read an article from the New York Times and wanted to share:

Dr. Romina M. Barros, a pediatrician and assistant professor at Albert Einstein, has been quoted as saying, “We need to understand that kids need a break. Our brains can concentrate and pay attention for 45 to 60 minutes, and in kids it’s even less. For them to be able to acquire all the academic skills we want them to learn, they need a break to go out and release the energy and play and be social.’’ At recess, students “use all the things they learned in the classroom. When they are doing hopscotch they use math skills. Kids learn a lot about social skills during recess, such as playing, sharing, being the leader, following somebody. It’s all very important.’’

Of course, you know by now that Summers-Knoll is BIG into outside time and letting children play – for all the reasons listed above. This week, I’ve been doing some careful observation during our recesses, and have noticed that these children really do love what they learn and do in the classroom and extend the learning at recess!

Alec, Justin and Peter were “caught” on the climber armed with paper, tape and scissors. They are a bit obsessed with making a car company for Heartville. Heartville remains extremely important to a large percentage of my class – it just keeps getting bigger and better. The cooperation that has to happen so all buildings fit together and the thought that has gone into what is necessary for a city to have are evident (and impressive!)

Lila, Beatrix, Erin and Lea are pictured developing a recipe for their own special “Bread of Paix”. They are really enjoying the bread extension block class they are currently taking, and spent the afternoon recess talking about the ingredients needed (I overheard one say that there should be just a pinch of yeast, since it was a flat bread, and then a pinch of sugar, so the yeast would have something to eat), the method of cooking, and safety precautions.

These are just two examples of recess fun and learning. I will try to post some more soon - it really IS inspiring to watch children at play!

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