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Saturday, January 31, 2009

This Month's Theme - South America

There were so many ways of approaching this month’s theme of South America, it was challenging to decide the best (most meaningful and interesting) way. I want to learn along with the children some cultural traditions and customs through literature and storytelling, crafts, and cooking. I also want to provide opportunities to practice map skills, geography, and history. And, I have...three weeks?

I decided one way to document and experience our learning will be with South America “passports”. Each child will get a passport and they will be challenged to learn facts, draw flags, find the capital city, etc. of some South American countries. Each time a page (country) is completed, children will collect a stamp on that page. Learning is meant to be mostly self-directed, and a variety of materials will be available – atlases, information books, maps, the internet, and so forth.

We will also do teacher-directed activities, such as cooking and crafts. The first week I will concentrate on Brazil. We will see a DVD called Families of Brazil, make and eat rice and beans (and maybe plantains), and listen and dance to Brazilian music. Other days may find us researching weaving in Ecuador and then doing our own weaving project.

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