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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Special Events in January

The other teachers and I have been cooking up some great activities and projects for Chemistry month! Two of these projects are outlined below:

* Friday, January 23 – MAD SCIENTIST PARTY Special stations will be set up for all of our scientists, where they may be building molecules, making things explode, etc. This will be a light-hearted, fun morning, but be assured we will sneak in lots of learning. HOW YOU CAN HELP – if you happen to be a doctor or know a doctor, we need lab coats for each child. We can make these out of t-shirts, but it would be even better to have the real thing! Please let me know.

* Friday, January 30 – SCIENCE FAIR Each classroom is taking a different tack, but we will be sharing information in a common event. For the students in the 2/3 classroom, I would like individual chemistry science fair projects done as homework. On the 30th, each child will present their project in the form of a poster board. More detailed instructions will be going home on Friday.

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