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Friday, January 9, 2009

Kitchen Chemistry - Yeast

Today was our first real foray into Kitchen Chemistry. We talked about what chemistry was as well as who might use chemistry as part of their jobs.

Our informal theme today was “yeast”. Students participated in a science lab where they attempted to blow up a balloon using water, yeast and sugar. At first, it was a bit disappointing. The balloons did not inflate as we had hoped, so we just hung our heads and went to lunch. A big surprise awaited everyone when they came in from lunch recess!

After watching Magic School Bus Gets Baked in a Cake, we were treated to a very special treat. Selden’s parents came and made soda pop! We made one big bottle of Orange Zippy, one bottle of Cream Soda, and one bottle of Orange (non) Zippy. Taste testing next Tuesday or Wednesday – very exciting!

Thank you Hiromi and Clay, and thanks also to the families who contributed empty plastic bottles.

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