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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Holiday Traditions Update

In a recent email, I asked for you to tell some of your favorite winter holiday traditions. I also asked for volunteers to come into the classroom to share their cultural or family traditions with the rest of us. The response has been great! Thus far, we will take part in the following events:

* Kjirsten Blander has volunteered to come in and make latkes for the kids and to share a favorite Hanukkah story. Depending on when this happens, we may make homemade applesauce in preparation for this special feast.

* Hiromi Kawanishi will supply us with a recipe for Soba and dipping sauce. This is a Japanese tradition that has to do with eating soba (noodles) on New Year's in order to get good luck in the coming year.

* Sunny Chapel and Stanley's aunt will come to share some Korean traditions with us (details to follow at a later date - all very mysterious).

* Karen Bayoneto will come to make "evergreen shirts" with us and also to read their favorite Christmas story.

Thank you all!

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zapmommy@gmail.com said...

What great family involvement!