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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Gerald E. Eddy Discovery Center

Students in both Elaine's and my class will be traveling to the Gerald E. Eddy Discovery Center on Friday, May 16. Please note that we will be eating lunch there, so a packed lunch is a necessity.

We will begin the program with an introduction to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and the Waterloo Recreation Area. What makes Waterloo unique? During the pre-walk portion of the program, students will view a slide show that will introduce them to Waterloo’s natural features and Michigan’s geologic past and present.

During the outdoor part of the program, the group and interpreter will walk on the center’s rock walkway. The students will explore the relationship between rocks and minerals. Using boulders from the three main rock groups the students will learn how different rocks are formed and how they are named. The rock cycle will be used to illustrate the way rocks are transformed into other kinds of rock. Students will discuss how various rocks are used economically. Glaciers and glacial features will be discussed. The indoor portion of the program features the interactive geology room where students can enter an ice cave and see themselves standing next to a mastodon or giant beaver, and have the opportunity to view an ice age video, examine fossil replicas and rock samples, use a Geiger counter, look through a computerized microscope and test their knowledge at the computer station.

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