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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Invention Convention Announcement

K-5 Invention Convention 2008

Attention Summers-Knoll Inventors!

On Friday, February 22 Summers-Knoll school is hosting the 2008 Invention Convention!

Between now and February 22, each of you will invent a machine that performs an actual job. You will incorporate simple machines into your product creating a complex machine! Your machine can be serious or silly. Inventions in the past include a water powered car and a cat petter!

The number of simple machines you use in your final invention is based on your grade level:

K/first grade: must incorporate at least one simple machine
Second grade: must incorporate at least two simple machines
Third grade: must incorporate at least three simple machines
Fourth grade: must incorporate at least four simple machines
Fifth grade: must incorporate at least five simple machines

The only guideline is the number of simple machines you must include in your super machine. The rest is up to you. On Friday, February 22 we will hold the Invention Convention where each Summers-Knoll student in grades K-5 will share her/his invention with all of the other students in the school. Parents are invited to attend.

No written work is required for this project, just your final creation and presentation. You may use assistance from family and friends, but your creation should be your idea.

We look forward to seeing all of your amazing inventions!

Simple Machines:

wheel and axle
inclined plane

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