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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Real Witches

We've had such fun with The Witches, and other books, by Roald Dahl - and lots more fun to come! We finished the book in record time - I thought this would take us to the December break, but we've been done since Tuesday! I am currently reading another Dahl favorite, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Tomorrow (fun Friday), we will watch the movie Matilda at the end of the day. The kids have really enjoyed learning more of this amazing author, and seem excited about bringing in their finished homework projects.

Our big writing project has each child writing another chapter of The Witches. As we left the book, the Boy (now in mouse form) and Grandmama were off on another adventure--to find and destroy all the witches of the world. My goal is to have the rough drafts done by break, and then we will revise, edit and publish when we come back in January. I'm having the kids work on adding interesting details, juicy adjectives and adverbs, and dialog.

Another fun literacy activity we just started today was to put on a little skit of one scene of the book. Scripts were given out this morning, and we've had a couple of run-throughs. I'm not sure where this is going--if the kids are excited about it, we will probably continue to work on this until it is good enough to do for an audience (probably Elaine's class).

Next week, I am hoping to having a little Dahl party. More details coming - but the kids will definitely have some special Dahl-inspired treats to eat, and perhaps a special activity or two.

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