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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Materials Needed for Ancient Egypt Unit!

One of the activities I'd really like to do is to have the students create a miniature Ancient Egypt. To make it happen, however, I will need your help in supplying the materials:

* Large rectangular pans at least 3" deep (like a new disposable cat litter pan)
* Sand (lots)
* Potting Soil (lots)
* Grass Seed (one bag should do it)
* Strong Aluminum Foil (one large roll)

Depending on the number of pans I get, I will divide the children up into groups. Obviously, the more pans we have, the smaller the groups can be (and small is good!). I will also need several big bags of sand and potting soil.

Please let me know as soon as you can what (if anything) you are able and willing to donate. I would like to do this the Friday we return to school - January 11.

Cllck on the comments icon below to access the sign-up list - this will allow everyone to see what is still needed.

Thanks so much!


Susan said...

One disposable pan and heavy duty aluminum - Sabeha Jyawook and Kamaran Zangana

Susan said...

One big bag of sand - Karen and Cesar Bayoneto

sunnie said...

One bag of potting soil - Jau-Wen Tseng

Amy (Wonnell) Young said...

two disposable pans

Karen Bayoneto said...

Two bags of potting soil and 6 large disposable pans