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Saturday, November 3, 2007

Eco-Festival a Big Success!

On Wednesday, the 31st, we held our Eco-Festival (in lieu of a traditional Halloween party). It was a really wonderful day, as I'm sure your children told you. It was particularly nice to have the students in mixed-age groups--each group consisted of approximately 10 kids from kindergarten to grade 8. We made bracelets from organic heirloom seeds, baskets from recycled yarn and string, masks, and paper chains (like we used to do with gum wrappers, remember?) Our homemade feast consisted of hot apple cider, pumpkin bars, corn bread and maple candy. Our classroom made the candy, and we even managed to save some for the feast!

The costumes made from recycled materials were fantastic and extremely imaginative! Newspapers, boxes, and old clothing were put to great use. Thanks to all the parents who helped their children's projects come to fruition.

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