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Saturday, October 6, 2007

Native American Theme

For the remainder of the month (and possibly into November), our theme is Native Americans. Each classroom will focus on a different region and/or tribe. I chose to concentrate on the Ojibwa (or Chippewa) nation. We will learn about this group’s cultural traditions and customs through literature and storytelling, crafts, and cooking. Historical and contemporary houses, clothing, food and traditions will be described and— whenever possible—experienced. We will practice map skills by finding where Ojibwa people lived in the past, and where they are located today.

A field trip to the Leslie Science Center is being planned for October 15th. We will be going with John Allinder’s 4th and 5th graders to participate in their Early Native American Life program. This program will allow children to learn various fire making, food gathering and cooking techniques. We will also take a hike to see first hand some of the native plants and learn about their traditional uses.

In November, the entire school will be going to the Exhibit Museums “Three Fires” program. I will pass more information about that when I receive it.

Many thanks to Ingrid Kock, Michael’s mom, for her wonderful advice and help. She is working on getting a speaker for our classroom to talk about Native American issues. Thank you, Ingrid!

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