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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Pledge to Pack!

Want to reduce the amount of single use plastic bags you consume in a year? Here are some tips:

• Carry clean reusable bags in your car for impromptu shopping.
• Keep your reusable canvas, hemp or cotton bags in the same place all the time.
• After shopping wipe out your reusable bags and return them to their place.
• Keeping your bags near the door will make shopping without plastic easier.
• Be polite and smile when you inform a cashier that you have your own bag. It may take some time for store employees to become accustomed to this new way of shopping. If enough of us shop with reusable bags the cashiers will begin to ask “Canvas or Plastic?”
• Most importantly, involve your family in the process. Kids have an energy and enthusiasm that is catchy!

We are planning to personalize and sell reusable grocery bags from Jane Goodall’s organization, Roots & Shoots. The bags are made with durable, lightweight 55% hemp/45% cotton fabric. The bags are printed on one side with a list of everyday ways to care for the earth, specially designed for R&S. The bags are 14.5” tall and 11.5” wide, machine washable, and made with fair labor/fair wage. We will tie-dye them and sell them at the parent coffee hour on December 7th.

I hope you all found the order forms in your child's cubby today. I think the response is going to be GREAT. Every parent who saw the flyer has told me, "What a great idea - I'll take a couple!". I think our little hands are going to be tie-dyed for a while - but it will be for a great cause.

Make your calendars - we need pre-orders by November 1.

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