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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Flea Market Math is Coming! Time to Clean Those Closets

First and second graders are starting to work with money in math class. With my group, that will mean writing money amounts using proper notation, adding and subtracting money, counting piles of change, as well as making change from a dollar. We'd like to reward all their hard work by having a "flea market" day. All children in first and second grade, no matter their math group, will participate in the very special and always popular activity. However, we need your help - and your junk!

This is how it will work:

Anytime after mid-winter break, please start bringing in unwanted junk. This should include cheesy McDonald toys, little hot wheel cars, plastic jewelry/trinkets - you get the idea. Clean out those toy chests and closets! The more stuff we collect, the more fun the activity is. We will price all items between 1 - 25 cents.

On Thursday, March 8, we will have our flea market! Each child should bring in a $1.00 bill
and a shopping bag. We will draw names, and each person in turn will get the opportunity to purchase one favorite item. After the most desired items are purchased, then additional turns will be given until everything is gone.

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