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Friday, January 12, 2018

Weekly Update - January 8 - 12

This information is also found in Walter's weekly email:

After a nice, long Winter Break, we came back refreshed and ready for a bright new start to 2018. We 
welcomed a new student, Ian, and he has already become a wonderful addition to our team.

This week in math we started a new project to correspond with our new theme of Cities. We will be 
learning about area, perimeter, and geometry over the few weeks, and will be doing so in a very 
hands-on way, by building our own "math city", made up of 3-D tiny houses. Great progress is also being 
made in the Singapore math books, and several children are starting in new books just in time for the 
start of the new semester.

Science investigations happened with both Shan and in the classroom this week. WIth Shan, we listened
to a story about a roller coaster and two children with differing ideas about how a roller coaster could 
work. Children sketched their ideas down, using their previous knowledge about potential and kinetic 
energy. They had to include a big hill, a small hill, and a loop-de-loop. Next week, they will use their 
sketches to actually build with tubing!  

In the classroom, we did one more science experiment with the theme of identity - we attempted to identify what type of fingerprints each of us had.

We worked on our Memoirs this week, and did some other writing as well. Miles and Nels both wowed us with their reading prowess by doing fantastic jobs with Elephant and Piggie stories. We read about Martin Luther King, Jr. this week, and a bit about what it was like to live in that time.

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