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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

A New Theme and a New Read Aloud - A Cricket in Times Square

We are finishing one long theme (identity) and starting a new one this month. Our new one, "systems", can be thought of in so many different ways, but the first and second graders will be taking it in an interesting direction that is very much in our own back yard - cities. We will try to make sense of how cities work, what makes a community, and how people's needs and wants are being met within a society. Whenever we start a new theme, it is always great fun for teachers to think of great projects, collaborations, field trips, civic minded activities, poems, and chapter books to share.

With this in mind, I thought a wonderful chapter book would be A Cricket in Times Square, by George Selden. Not only is this a story about city life, but also a story of true friendship and helping one another.

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