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Friday, December 8, 2017

Weekly Update - December 4 - 8

This information also found in Walter's weekly email:

This week, we really focused on one of our favorite projects - our annual Winter Raptor study, with the accompanying preparation for a “birdie bake sale”. On Monday, each child chose a raptor from the Leslie Science and Nature Center, and has been learning about/drafting sketches of their choice all week. 

We presented our drawings, plus information about the upcoming bake sale, at the all-school Friday morning meeting. 

We read a sweet memoir, Owl Moon, which was perfect for both the theme of Identity and our seasonal project. Our favorite thing was making the beautiful bird house gourds, which will be part of the sale on Thursday morning, December 14th. This was a LOT of messy work - scraping, washing, sanding, and polishing.  

In math, we learned a new game - Roll 3 times to 100. This game was perfect to practice many skills - addition with renaming, estimating, and place value.

We began each morning with a fast new favorite, “Last number standing”, which is another place value practice game.

Dillon and Lexi did a great job as usual doing their duty as special readers, and all children made wonderful illustrations on their weekly poem, I Heard a Bird Sing. Lots of students were able to memorize this one - an almost lost art, sadly. We continue to work on our spelling skills and handwriting, and are still enjoying The BFG. I hope to finish by Winter Break.

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