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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Wish List for Cookie Cottages

On Thursday morning, December 21st, first and second graders will be decorating houses made 
from graham crackers. Grace and I will provide each child with a house that we've made from 
graham crackers and frosting, and we will also provide lots of frosting to use as “glue”. 

In the next few weeks, please consider contributing a bag of candies to use as decorations. I’ve 
listed just a few ideas of candies that have worked well in the past. Please remember that S-K is a nut-free school, even when decorating with candy! Please, no chocolate anything. 

Thank you so much. Collection boxes will be outside both classrooms after Thanksgiving Break.


Necco Wafers 
gum drops 
sugar cubes
Red Hots 
mini marshmallows
thin licorice ropes 
gummy rings (for wreaths or round windows)
jelly beans
Good and Plenty 
square pretzels (for windows)
colorful cereal

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