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Thursday, November 2, 2017

Read to Feed - We Did It!

Today was the big day - we tallied the books we read this month, figured out how much I owed at 10 cents a book, and talked about all the different choices for donations. It took a lot of discussion (and math), but we did it!

We started by reading one of my favorite books - The Goat Lady.

This true story is about a woman who raised goats for the Heifer Foundation - the same foundation we raised money for by reading. It is a lovely read on many levels, however.

We figured my 10 students read a grand total of 646 books during the month of October, which meant I owed $64.60 (I rounded up to $70.00). Added to the money pledged by parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and friends - we raised $800.00! Wowza!

The children decided that they could get a nice selection of animals to donate to needy families around the globe. After reading about each one, they narrowed it down to a couple choices, and then voted. We will donate: 2 water buffalo, 6 rabbits, 1 pig, and some honeybees.

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