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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Rainy Days at Summers-Knoll

Rain does NOT spoil our parade at Summers-Knoll! I am happy to say that we go outside every day, rain or shine. Excluding days when it is dangerous to be outside (lightning storm, too cold with wind chill, etc.), we like to bundle the kids up and enjoy what the day brings.

There are so many great things to do outside, even on wet days. Children learn about nature - it is a whole new world out there! The earth changes color, the leaves have a squishy texture - it even smells different. Rain provides an excellent opportunity to explore science and the natural world. Did you know that bees cannot fly in the rain? 

Here are some things that we've done with children at school:

Today we took a wet, rainy walk - umbrellas and friends from the other 1st and 2nd grade make it even more fun.

We've jumped in the puddles - Kids love to splash with their rubber boots.

We've let pots fill up with rain water and floated things in it. 

We've made all sorts of mud stews, adding leaves, twigs and other bits of nature for flavor. Lots of imagination possibilities!

Please make sure your child has appropriate clothing for rainy days - a rain coat with hood and great boots are a must. Thank you!

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